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Weekly minteannce and updates info

Published by Admin - 21/02/2021 - 16:15

Correction for teleport Back from PvP event

Correct minions and type for Tanor Silenos and Tanor Silenos Warrior

Move from PTS quest Path To Orc Raider

Corrections for skills Hamstring, Holy Blade, Holy Weapon, Harmony of Noblesse, Symphony of Noblesse, Block Shield, Block Wind Walk, Mass Block Shield, Mass Block Wind Walk, Betray, Spell

Correct SA level for some weapons and correct mAtk stat for 2h weapons

Correct position of NPC warehouse_chief_croop

Correct message for Banking

Move from PTS quests The Wishing Potion

Move from PTS quest Method To Raise The Dead

All this changes already applied.

Published by Admin - 04/01/2021 - 21:50

For the reason of to many requests to open catacombs free and mammon 24/7, Mammon will be spawned at Giran Castle Town, exchanger will be added to GmShop.
(To many players already are max level, high level skills is very powerful vs C grade armor / jew)

Queen Ant zone - Max level to go will be increased from 40 to 43 lvl
(to avoid grade penalty if you lost level)

All this changes after server restart will be applied.

Published by Admin - 18/12/2020 - 08:50

Hot Springs Debuffs changed to 5 minutes
Added Starter Packs to donate shop NG - D - C grade