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Event Process

How do I get a nectar?

Hunt monsters in the world of Lineage II and get nectar as additional loot. Remember, that you won’t get any nectar if your character’s level is higher than monster’s level by 9 or more (dark blue). A chance to get Nectar increase thrice every day from 6:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m. server time.

What do I need to grow a squash?

You will need squash seeds. There are 2 types of them used for growing small and large squashes. Find Puss the Cat in any settlement and exchange gathered nectars for seeds.

How shall I grow a squash?

So, you have a seed! Click twice on it in your inventory, and a squash will grow. The size of each squash depends on the seed, which is being used:

        Squash Seed = Young Squash​

        Large Squash Seed = Large Young Squash​

To grow a young squash, you will need to use nectar with it – 5 nectars should be enough. Each use of nectar determines the chance of growing a Defective, High Quality or Royal Ripe Squash. Each use of nectar is followed by a distinctive visual effect that lets you define what type of squash is about to grow: blue spark (on the screenshot above) means that nectar use is successful. Smoke above the squash, animation, similar to "Aggression" skill, means that the use is unsuccessful. The more times you use nectar successfully, the higher is a chance to grow a Royal Ripe Squash.

Moreover, during the growing process a squash will encourage or mock you, depending on your results. The squash’s reaction will help you understand whether a process is successful or not. There are several types of squashes. The bigger is a squash, the higher is a chance to be rewarded.

As soon as you have grown a squash, smash it and get your prizes! It is hard to smash the big squashes on your own, so you might need the help of your mates.

Don’t forget: a young squash stays for 3 minutes after it is summoned, but ripe squashes (when nectar has already been used) – only for 1 minute 30 seconds. So, pay attention and don’t miss your squash! You can use any type of weapon for a small squash, however, only a special weapon can be used for the big ones.​

Souvenir weapons

        Chrono Campana

        Chrono Cithara

        Chrono Darbuka​

        Chrono Maracas​

        Chrono Unitus​

Best regards,

L2Escape team.